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CSP Group acclaims the launching of “Lian An” Academy

时间:2019-11-4 16:26:27    

In Beijing, on October 26th Lian An Academy, which is co-founded by CSP Group, held its launching ceremony and the first expert symposium. This marked the official launch on the first private think-thank in China, focusing on the interdisciplinary research of security and development.

According to Chinese web portals on October 29, the launching of the Lian An Academic studies and the first expert symposium was held in Beijing. The Academy focuses on the interdisciplinary research of security and development, the first private think-thank in China of such character.

The former Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Zhou Dao Jun, Peking University former Party Secretary Ren Yan Shen, and other distinguished guests attended the launching ceremony. Li Ji Ping, the former Deputy Governor of the National Development Bank, as well as other experts and representatives delivered energetic and passionate speech at the ceremony. Hou Zi Xin, former President of Nankai University, and Shen Chang Xiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering also have also delivered congratulatory letters to the Academy.

The Lian An Academy was jointly initiated by a number of well-known enterprises in the domestic security industry. Its research direction is with systematic approach to develop the security vision, through technological innovation to improve the quality and efficiency as well as to redefine the concept and value of the security, fostering "economic development security concept" with a benign interaction of security and development.

In the early days of its establishment, the Academy has received an extensive support and attention form experts and scholars in the finance and economy, public security and other related fields. During the launching ceremony, Jiangsu Public Security Research Institute and four other institutions, have jointly signed a cooperation agreement with the heads of private enterprises and with the President of the Academy Guang Hu Ming.


China Security and Protection Group as the co-founder, has actively participated in the planning and preparation work of the Academy. Dr. Yu Wan Li, CSO of CSP International, was been nominated as the Vice President of Lian An Academy. CSP sincerely congratulates the launch of Lian An Academy and looks forward to further develop the cooperation and to jointly promote China's security industry, the upgrading of security technology and the modernization of social governance.