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China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. successfully completed the First Phase Training of Overseas Security Management Personnel

时间:2021-1-7 14:02:33    

By the end of 2020, although China has successfully brought the outbreak of COVID-19 under control, the global outbreak continues to ravage, and the international environment is becoming increasingly complex. The protection and security of overseas interests are facing an increasingly severe situation and challenge. In order to meet the needs of overseas security and protection business in the new era, China Security & Protection Group, based on the current situation, blazed new trails and organized the First Phase Training of Overseas Security Management Personnel in Xizhimen Hotel in Beijing jointly with the international company affiliated to the Group and the Veterans Entrepreneurship and Development Department, so as to reserve talents for overseas security and protection business.

The leaders of China Security & Protection Group attached great importance to the Training. Liu Zhongping, President of the Group, attended the opening and closing ceremony of the class, and personally inspected the simulation drills of motorcade travel, accompanying escort, etc.

The trainees were selected from the security guard team of China Security & Protection Group. All the trainees in the first phase of the Training were excellent veterans with firm political ideology, excellent military quality, love for security posts and ambition to engage in overseas security management. The instructor team was organized by China Security & Protection International Co., Ltd., and all instructors have rich overseas service experience, theoretical foundation and practical experience in security management. Meanwhile, senior experts from relevant industries and professions were invited as guest lecturers.

Closely related to the actual overseas security environment, applying internationally accepted PSC management philosophy and operational norms, through case teaching, drawing operation, practical operation and drills and other means, the training courses focused on teaching the trainees overseas security risk assessment, security information compilation, security management system, security and protection system design, security and protection organization, international security & protection terminology, cross-cultural communication and exchange and other knowledge and skills required for advanced security management.

The trainees said that the training courses of China Security & Protection Group for overseas security management personnel completely overturned their previous understanding of security and protection, broadened their horizon about overseas security and protection, preliminarily understood and mastered the concept, norms, common sense and skills of security management, and strengthened their confidence in devoting themselves to the cause of overseas security and protection.

After three weeks of intensive training, the first batch of nine trainees passed the examination and obtained the qualification certificate of “Overseas Security Officer” issued by China Security & Protection Group.

The Training of Overseas Security Management Personnel is an important means for China Security & Protection Group to cultivate high-end security management personnel and train their business ability. This training has improved the service level and ability of overseas security, and reserved excellent talents for the development of overseas security and protection business.

As the first security enterprise to go global, China Security & Protection Group will continue to adhere to the concept of “international management, compliance operation, dependency services”, to provide outstanding security management and protection services for overseas enterprises, institutions and personnel in China!