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The Rail Traffic Safety Department Carried out the People-oriented New Year’s Greetings Showing Care for Employees

时间:2021-1-7 14:16:36    

On the occasion of the arrival of the New Year, the passenger flow has reached its peak during the festival, meanwhile, it is also facing the severe epidemic containment situation. All staff of the Rail Traffic Safety Department stick to their posts, escorting the safe operation of rail traffic. In order to make front-line employees feel the enterprise atmosphere of “people-oriented and caring for employees” and improve their sense of belonging and cohesion, the Rail Traffic Safety Department led and organized each Project Department to deliver greetings for ringing out the Old Year and ringing in the New Year.

The greeting group composed of the management teams of the project departments from various places, delivered their greetings to the employees in time and showed gratitude to them for their hard work in overcoming the pressure and sticking to their posts; In addition, it was emphasized that we should integrate the management concept of “focusing on practical work and establishing a new style” into our daily work, so as to form a cohesive force and a sense of collective honor to be united as one and forge ahead.

The Beijing Project Department has set this as its New Year’s goal to strengthen the construction of leadership and business backbone team and business expansion ability, create the industry benchmark and win the second place in the industry. In order to enhance confidence and jointly meet the new opportunities, Yu Shaomin, the project leader, led the members of the greeting team to each station for greetings, specially prepared the cold protective gear for the team members at the ground station security checkpoints, and provided them with electric heaters and warm paste, so that the team members could feel the warmth from the collective.

Most of the metro security check staff in the Chengdu Project Department are young people, who devote their youth to the company and the cause of metro security check that they love. For them, this is not only a job, but also a stage for them to show themselves. For the company, they are also the promoters who impel the continuous progress of the enterprise. The basis of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. has been consolidated by virtue of loyalty.

Wang Heniu, the person in charge, delivered greetings to the staff at the front line, conducted exchanges with the leaders of the public security organs who came to the front line in person, and sent blessings to the police officers stationed at the station.

While Zhang Junfei and Li Xiao, the persons in charge of the Tianjin Project Department, delivered greetings to the team members, relevant leaders from Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau, Tianjin Bus Branch, Tianjin Operation Group, etc. inspected the key stations of Tianjin Metro Line 3. The leaders affirmed the on-site work arrangement of the Tianjin Project Department, saw the dinner and apple we prepared for the staff, and highly praised the staff logistics support work of the Tianjin Project Department. All the colleagues in the Tianjin Project Department said that in 2021, we will take the lead, forge ahead with perseverance and succeed in achieving our mission.

The year 2020 was of special significance to the Wuhan Project Department. All personnel of the Wuhan Project Department united to tide over the difficulties together. Wang Pengfei, the project leader, together with the team members stood their ground together. At the key stations of Metro Line 4, relevant leaders from Wuhan Rail Traffic Sub-Bureau, Wuhan Police Station and Wuhan Metro Operation Co., Ltd. carried out on-site inspection, and affirmed the work of personnel of the Wuhan Project Department to ensure the line operation at the end of the year and to deliver greetings and care for the security checkers stationed at the station.

A series of greeting activities not only made the staff feel the love from the group company, but also boosted their morale. Looking forward to 2021, all staff of the Rail Traffic Department will continue to adhere to the guiding ideology of “focusing on practical work and establishing a new style”, stick to the people-oriented principle, never change the original intention, forge ahead with perseverance, and strive for greater achievements!