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Warmth & Care from the Leadership during the Spring Festival — The Rail Transit Security Department welcomed the Spring Festival Visiting Group" of the Headquarters

时间:2021-3-12 13:38:47    

Before the Spring Festival in 2021, the Beijing Municipal Government called upon people to stay in Beijing during the festival for the epidemic control, so the passenger flow of Beijing subways increased sharply compared with previous years, and Branch I of Beijing Subway requested all the sub-contractors to increase their service capacity to ensure the safe operation of all subway lines. The customer's request was an order for us, and keeping our employees in Beijing was the core to ensure the completion of the rail transit security check tasks during the Spring Festival. The Rail Transit Security Department of China Security & Protection Group immediately made overall arrangement, and the Beijing Project Department and its cadres at all levels responded actively. Through active communication, education and arrangement, many team members who had planned to return home for the Spring Festival changed their minds and chose to stay at security checkpoints, working overtime to contribute to the safety of rail transit in Beijing during the Spring Festival.

After the Rail Transit Security Department reported this situation to the leaders of the Group, the Board of Directors attached great importance to it, and the business leaders of the Group immediately issued a proposal to all the departments of the Headquarters, advocating that the staff of the Headquarters who stayed in Beijing could voluntarily go to each of the security checkpoints for appreciation and support. After receiving such proposal, the management personnel of all the functional and management departments of the Headquarters actively responded and applied for participation. Through the unified arrangement, a total of 15 batches of personnel carried out support and site-visiting activities at 45 security checkpoints and 3 project bases for the 3 subway lines of the Beijing project from the Spring Festival’s Eve to the third day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, really playing a role of stabilizing and caring employees.

The leaders of the Group and staff of various departments asked about the work and life situations of the security inspectors enthusiastically every time they went to a checkpoint. In the cold winter, those security inspectors on duty were busy with conscientiously performing their duties by strictly implementing the requirements for epidemic prevention and all security checks and procedures at the places where there was strong cold wind at the subway stations, but they didn’t complain in the face of the double test from the epidemic control and festival passengers.

The leaders and staff of the Group carried out the visiting activities for the Spring Festival

During the visiting activities, the leaders of the Group and the staff of the Headquarters repeatedly advised the security inspectors at each checkpoint to take care of themselves, encouraged them to work seriously, thanked them for their contribution to the subway security check, gave them thumb up, and sent them the sincerest wishes and gifts.

The security inspectors were very encouraged because the leaders of the Group and the staff of the Headquarters visited them at the security inspection post during the Spring Festival and worked together with them. They expressed that they would not live up to the high expectations of the leaders but initiatively assume their responsibilities at their posts.

During the Spring Festival, these security inspectors found new changes of the Rail Transit Security Department. Since the management concept of "focusing on practice and shaping new trends" was implemented, the department has taken various measures in line with the principle of "people orientation and caring for employees", which reflect the ideas of putting the Group’s interests first, guarding the team of security inspectors, and caring for security inspectors everywhere.

Under the guidance of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Group’s leaders and the staff of the Headquarters have become more pragmatic and active to get close to the grass-roots level, experienced the hard work and diligence of the front-line employees, affirmed their achievements and contributions to the development of the Group, and created a model of support and collaboration between functions and operation, and also the Headquarter and projects.

In 2021, all the management personnel and security inspectors of the Rail Transit Security Department will continue to uphold the spirit of "professionalism, efficiency, performance and integrity" advocated by the Group, make progress by forging ahead into the future, and live up to the expectations of the public, so as to jointly build a better tomorrow of China Security & Protection Group!