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China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. - Making contributions based on our own duties, ensuring safety during NPC & CPPCC

时间:2021-4-27 10:09:08    

Spring comes after winter, leaves turn green and flowers are in full bloom. The annual NPC & CPPCC was held in Beijing. In the organic combination of the “Two Sessions” and “epidemic containment”, China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. carried out in-depth mobilization and deployment. The project leaders of the Group signed the liability statement for the project security work during the “Two Sessions”, vowing to make contributions to the safety and stability during the “Two Sessions”. Following the good example set by the project leaders, the majority of security guards actively responded to the company’s call, based on their own duties, devoted wholeheartedly to work, made selfless dedication. They are convinced that it is to protect local safety as long as they defend safety at their post, and no one is infected with COVID-19, they have done what they could to contribute to the safety during the “Two Sessions” in Beijing.

The task of one project site of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. is to provide security services for the two delegations and their staff in Tianjin and Fujian.

Before the “Two Sessions” was held, the Group organized the squad responsible for the project site to conduct fire emergency drills for many times, so that everyone knew his responsibilities and had countermeasures for everything, ensuring that they can be used at critical moments. We strengthened inspection of key parts every day, and seriously performed the 24-hour on-duty system. In order to strengthen the service awareness, improve the standard of action, regulate the behavior, the Group provides training for the staff at regular intervals, pays close attention to the details of service, and sets up a good image of the company. We spared no effort to cooperate with the gatekeeper to receive and transfer documents, provided convenience for the representatives to pick up articles, which was praised by them.

In order to do a good job in the security service during the “Two Sessions”, the Group insisted on not slacking off in thought, not lowering work standards, and maintaining strong safety awareness, ensuring that the “Two Sessions” was held safely and smoothly.

During the “Two Sessions”, the security inspection along the whole line of Beijing Metro was also upgraded, entering the tense security inspection period. At 10:43 a.m. on March 4, 2021, at Dengshikou Station of Beijing Metro Line 5, Fu Shaoxiong, the inspector from China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd., contacted the team leader on duty immediately after finding that a passenger was carrying a self-locking knife while he was on duty. Through persuasion, the passenger voluntarily gave up the knife and then got into the station. The team leader on duty handed over the controlled knife to the police on duty and issued the handover sheet for future reference.

Vice Battalion Chief Kong and Police Officer Liu Xiaolei from the Special Police Brigade of Public Transportation Security Corps , were very satisfied with the performance of the security guards at Beijing Metro Line 5 in preparation for the “Two Sessions”. On the morning of March 5, they specially came to the security checkpoint of Dengshikou Station of Beijing Metro Line 5, commending the security inspectors of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. who seized the controlled products, gave them bonus and awarded the honor certificate to the outstanding security inspectors of China Security & Protection Group on the spot.

After the commendation, Battalion Chief Kong the Special Police Brigade of Public Transportation Security Corps, told the security inspectors to be on duty seriously, make persistent efforts, strictly perform their duties and responsibilities, keep sensitive awareness at all times, and make further achievements.

During the “Two Sessions”, China Security & Protection Group strictly implemented epidemic containment in all projects, ensured the implementation of various measures for epidemic containment, strengthened the awareness of epidemic containment and the ability of self-protection. Maintaining the safety at post, we successfully completed various work related to security protection during the “Two Sessions”.