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The Nicest Security Inspector in Spring

时间:2021-5-31 14:41:00    

In the spring of 2021, we have entered the post-COVID-19 period. While doing a good job in epidemic containment, personnel responsible for various projects of the Rail Traffic Security Department continued to adhere to the management concept of “focusing on practical work and establishing a new trend”. Under the publicity and leadership of the project leaders, a large number of good people and good deeds have emerged in various projects.

I. Chengdu Project

At 10:00am on April 8, 2021, Zhang Xinshi, the security inspector at Longquanyi Station of Chengdu Metro Line 2, found a mobile phone on the washbasin of a public toilet and waited for the passenger who lost the mobile phone at the door of the toilet for more than ten minutes, but did not see the passenger come back to claim it, and then Liu Xiaoling, the team leader, immediately reported to the vehicle control room and police room. At around 10:26am, a female passenger went to the security checkpoint to look for her mobile phone, who said that the information in the phone was very important to her. Liu Xiaoling, the team leader, immediately took the passenger to the police room to verify her identity and returned the phone to her. The passenger expressed her gratitude and highly praised our security staff for their spirit of returning others’ property they picked up. At 09:30am on April 13, 2021, the passenger sent a silk banner as a token for her gratitude.

On April 25, 2021, the Security Department of Chengdu Metro Operation Co., Ltd. released the announcement on the evaluation score of the security outsourcing unit in the first quarter of 2021. Combined with the service management, daily management and performance evaluation of the security outsourcing unit in the first quarter, the Chengdu Project Division of the Rail Traffic Department won the first place with 94.76 points after comprehensive evaluation.

II. Tianjin Project

Coincidentally, on April 5, a passenger left his bag at the security checkpoint when he entered the station from Yingkoudao C1 of Tianjin Metro Line 3. The security inspector Guo Huili saw the bag and handed it over to the customer service staff in the station area for safekeeping. Then the passenger came back to look for the bag he left. After verifying his identity, the security inspector handed it back to the passenger. In order to express his gratitude to the security inspectors, the owner of the bag went to a supermarket near the station to buy a bag of snacks and placed it at the security checkpoint.

At around 8:00am on April 7, 2021, a passenger entered Jinshiqiao Station of Tianjin Metro Line 3. When he was about to take the subway, he found that his mobile phone had run out of power, and he did not carry cash and card bag, so he had no way of taking the subway. Zhao Jie, the security inspector, found this in time and came up to asked the passenger if he needed help. After knowing the situation, he bought the ticket for the passenger, which ensured that the passenger could leave quickly. The passenger specially sent a thank-you letter on April 14, 2021 to express his gratitude.

At around 11:05am on April 14, 2021, two wheelchair-bound passengers were about to leave Zhongshan Road subway station from Exit B. Cao Shuang, the monitoring director, immediately informed the station of the passengers’ needs and sent them out safely with the help of the station staff and security staff. The passengers affirmed the help of the station and security personnel, and called Tianjin local service hotline to praise the security inspectors.

At around 9:00am on April 21, a female passenger fainted at the Heping Road Station of Tianjin Metro Line 3. The security inspectors immediately informed the station police after finding this, and in the process of asking about the passenger’s condition, the police learned that the passengers felt quite unwell due to hypoglycemia, and immediately dialed 120, the emergency call. After personnel from 120 arrived at the scene at around 10:10, the security inspectors including Wang Liang, Zhang Yibula and Feng Zhanshan cooperated with the station staff to send the passenger to the ambulance, and arranged a security inspector to send the passenger to the hospital together with the personnel from 120, waiting for the arrival of the passenger’s family members.


III. Beijing Project

On February 10, 2021, a female passenger carrying a suitcase and package entered the subway station from Entrance AB of Nanshao Station of Metro Changping Line. Since the passenger was in a hurry to enter the station, she left her wallet at the security checkpoint. Zhang Lijia, the security inspector, found the passenger in time and returned the wallet to her. Since the passenger carried a lot of luggage, Zhang Lijia, the security inspector, took the initiative to help the passenger carry her luggage and sent her to the platform. The passenger expressed her gratitude and recorded the name of the security inspector. At around 10:20am on March 6, 2021, the passenger went to Entrance AB of Nanshao Station to look for the security inspector, presenting a silk banner for commendation, and showing gratitude to the security inspector Zhang Lijia once again for her spirit of returning others’ property and being ready to help others.

During the period of holding “NPC & CPPCC”, a total of 1,743,508 people were inspected at Subway Changping Line in Beijing, with 1,555,125 parcels inspected and 1,036 restricted or prohibited items seized. The external inspection was received for 39 times. On March 8, the Municipal Counter-Terrorism Office made an unexpected inspection on Shahe Higher Education Park Station of Changping Line, and no problem was found in the on-site inspection, which was praised and affirmed by the Municipal Counter-Terrorism Office.

On April 23, 2021, at the “Conference on Security Work Deployment of the Metro Company in 2021” held by Beijing Subway Operation Co., Ltd., Beijing Changping Security Project Division of the Rail Traffic Security Department of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Advanced Group in Security Work of NPC & CPPCC in 2021”, and Guo Xiaomin, Manager of Beijing Changping Line Security Project Department came to the stage to receive the award on behalf of the company.

All the project divisions of the Rail Traffic Security Department will continue to work hard, focus on every detail, do a good job in routine work, and make more achievements!