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Advance safely to provide professional guard ——Keep the first line of defense for the safety of kindergarten

时间:2021-7-27 10:19:17    

During the inspection in July, it happened that the actual security activities of the kindergarten was carried out. Through communication with the principal, we were honored to be able to observe the whole process of the drill.

The entrance guard of the kindergarten is the main entrance and exit to ensure the safety of teachers and children in the kindergarten. The important responsibility of the security guard is to maintain the safety of the kindergarten and ensure the personal safety of teachers and children. In order to further improve the professional quality of the kindergarten security staff and effectively strengthen the security work of the kindergarten, the kindergarten invited the curator and coach of Guowu Gongfu Hall to come to the campus and carry out a security professional skill training activity.

The main content of this training include security responsibilities and specific work requirements, the use of security equipment, etc. First of all, the coach of Guowu Gongfu Hall explained the security responsibilities and specific work requirements in detail, and then the activity entered the field operation practice. In order to strengthen the security work of the kindergarten, all the security guards of the kindergarten were equipped with riot helmets, protective shields, stab-proof vests, rubber batons, safety forks and other security equipment. During the field operation practice, they deepened their understanding of the structure, function and use method of security equipment, and asked each security guard to practice the use of security equipment.

Equipment: Sharp tools make good work

The kindergarten prepared riot helmets, protective shields, stab-proof vests, cut-resistant gloves, rubber batons, strong light flashlights, self-defense sprays, safety forks and other security equipment for all security guards.

Drill: Treat every simulation as an actual combat

Combined with the problems found in the practical operation training and the routine and common problems in the security work of the kindergarten, the training personnel provided guidance on “how to ensure the safety of the kindergarten, be familiar with the emergency plan, strengthen the safety prevention skills, and do a good job in security services” and other issues.

● Explaining the methods and skills of the use of various security tools

● Demonstrating how to use the tools

●  Carrying out practical training formally

During the training, the trainer explained the structure, function and usage of the security equipment in detail. The trainees participating in the training conducted a simple simulated emergency response drill on site, and the equipment operation in emergency situations, strengthening the actual combat ability.

Guard: It is not only about safety, but also about innocent childhood for children

Mr. Ma, the security guard, could almost call out all the children’s names. When the children saw him, they said hello to him happily, just as familiar and cordial as seeing the principal and the teachers in the class.

There are many such security personnel. They do not have fancy words, but a simple heart, wanting children to enter the kindergarten happily and leave the kindergarten safely.

Through this training, the kindergarten security personnel not only enriched their own security knowledge and improved their skills and quality, but also deepened their understanding of campus security work, enhanced their understanding of the importance of campus security work, and increased their sense of responsibility as a full-time campus security guard, which adds a safety lock to the kindergarten and creates a safer and happier learning and living environment for children. To interpret the sense of mission of security work with practical actions, they aim to build a safe environment with civil, physical and technical defense, and make their own contributions to the safety and stability of the kindergarten!