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Carrying Forward the Spirit of Red Culture and Displaying the Style of Forging Ahead in Unity ——Records about the tug-of-war competition, the event on the “July 24” Security Publicity Day

时间:2021-9-2 14:24:19    

In order to enrich the cultural life of security guards, improve their physical quality, cultivate their team awareness and show their good mental outlook, under the guidance of the Public Security Management Corps of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Beijing Security Association, Beijing Federation of Trade Unions of Security Service Industry and the Security Industry Working Committee of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, held the third session of tug-of-war competition with the theme of “carrying forward the spirit of red culture and displaying the style of forging ahead in unity” in Beijing’s security service industry on the “July 24” Theme Publicity Day of the security industry this year. A total of more than 1,000 contestants from 84 companies signed up for the competition. In the competition, the elimination system was adopted for promotion, and the order of competition was determined by drawing lots for grouping. The preliminary competition was held on July 23, 2021, and the top 32 winning teams were selected for the final on July 24.

Scene of the tug-of-war preliminaries

Scene of the tug-of-war finals

After receiving the notice of the competition, the leaders of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. attached great importance to it and thought that the tug of war was a review of the company’s spiritual civilization construction, a test to promote the spirit of unity and create a united and positive security team, and a display of the good spiritual style and tenacious fighting style of the staff of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd., hoping that the contestants can put aside their work pressure on the field and show themselves as much as possible. With the active cooperation and careful organization of relevant departments, a capable tug-of-war team was selected according to the requirements of the competition. Through the mobilization and drill before the competition, we cheered up the team contestants, and requested them to compete with good style and spirit. The team was led by the competent department, responsible for the guarantee work and leading everyone into the two-day competition schedule.

During the competition, the cheer sound, shouts and whistles came one after another. The team contestants concentrated and struggled hard. The whole stadium was filled with a wonderful, happy and harmonious atmosphere, which fully demonstrated the collective atmosphere of unity, friendship and mutual assistance of the participating companies and the mental outlook of the security guards who are not afraid of difficulties and conduct tenacious struggle.

In the competition held on July 23, the young contestants of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. still maintained an energetic mental state in the face of strong teams full of competition experience such as those from Beijing Zhenyuan Security Center, stayed calm, fought with neat and uniform slogans, and tried their best to complete each competition. Finally, they successfully advanced to the finals the next day with the excellent result as the one ranking the second place in Group C.

After being qualified for the finals, the team contestants were in high spirits, encouraged each other and prepared for the next competition with more enthusiasm. Each of the 32 teams in the final was the best in the group match. In the face of strong rivals, the young contestants of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. turned pressure into power and took each competition seriously. “When people are of the same mind, they could move Mount Tai”. In the first competition of the finals, China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. defeated Beijing Zhongbao Weiye Security Service Co., Ltd. with the score 2-0, won the first competition and advanced to the top 16. After the victory in the first battle, the team contestants greatly increased confidence, the athletes “took the rivals by surprise”, and defeated the tug-of-war team of Beijing Security Service Corporation Tongzhou Branch with a 2-0 victory, and advanced to the top 8. With the promotion of the competition, the teams on the field have strong strength. In the quarterfinals, we encountered HXZA Security Service equal in strength. In the competition, the two sides were equally matched and deadlocked. After winning the first match, the two sides exchanged ends. In the second game, the team contestants tried their best to catch up, and they were about to win in the second match. However, with the depletion of physical strength, the team contestants inadvertently fell down on the ground, and the other side aimed at the opportunity to fight, and the two sides reached a draw. With the fierce competition in the match, the physical strength of both sides was overdrawn, they had to play the third match. After the stalemate in the previous two matches, the physical strength of the team contestants of both sides was greatly exhausted. Although the young contestants tried their best, they still lost and excluded in the top four with the score 1:2.

After the highly intensive matches in the morning, the physical strength of the team contestants was consumed a lot. The hands of some were worn out with blisters, and the arms of some were bruised. One of them even had to withdraw from the competition because of a foot injury and was replaced by a substitute. Although our ranking has already exceeded expectations and the team contestants were all exhausted, they were still full of fighting spirit and hoped to achieve better results in the next qualifying for the 5-8 places. However, since one contestant suffered inadvertent muscle strain in the following match, the remaining substitute could not be replaced due to his weight. In order to prevent more contestants from being injured, we had to announce the end of the participation in the competition ahead of schedule. Nevertheless, the staff of Chinese Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. fought tenaciously and still achieved the good result with the ranking of the 8th place through their own efforts and perseverance.

Champion, runner-up and second runner-up in the finals

China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. achieved the excellent results with the ranking of the 8th place in the finals

Unity is strength, persistence means victory! The tug-of-war delegation of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. successfully completed the goal of this competition and returned with glory. During the competition, all of them strengthened will and established friendship. Hearing frequent good news in the competition, the colleagues all expressed congratulations one after another. Through this tug-of-war competition, the company united as one, which effectively enhanced the team spirit of the team members, fully demonstrated the mental outlook of the staff of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. for hard work, progress, unity and responsibility, achieved good results in sports and spiritual civilization, and further improved the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise. The staff of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. will take this tug-of-war competition as an opportunity to continuously improve comprehensive quality, continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, the courage to forge ahead, inject new energy into the company and make another splendid achievements!