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Those who bravely combat COVID-19 will finally achieve victory!

时间:2021-9-7 15:08:06    

The spread of COVID-19 from Nanjing Airport has led to the outbreak in many places in China. In early August, a confirmed COVID-19 case in Hainan was reported to have traveled from Sanyan to Beijing, a porter from the handling company of Haikou Meilan Airport tested positive in 2019-nCoV-PCR. For this reason, the airport projects of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. in Sanya and Haikou immediately entered the state of wartime response, and comprehensively launched the combat of epidemic containment at the airport through holding special conferences on epidemic containment, carrying out skill training on epidemic containment and emergency drills, strengthening staff management and other measures.

I. Holding special conferences on epidemic containment to improve political sensitivity

In the current special period of epidemic containment, according to the deployment and requirements of the provincial CPC committee, the provincial government, the Civil Aviation Administration and the airport company on epidemic containment, the airport projects of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. in Sanya and Haikou immediately entered the state of wartime response, organized the special conference on epidemic containment, making rapid response, taking bold action, strictly keeping on guard, and paying close attention to various measures for epidemic containment. We fully learned from the lessons about the case at Nanjing Lukou Airport, and checked whether there is anything missing in the measures in each chain for epidemic containment and whether the measures are well implemented from every detail, every post and every level of management.

II. Carrying out skill training on epidemic containment to improve the level of professional knowledge

For the airport projects in Sanya and Haikou, we organized training and assessment of special knowledge about epidemic containment for staff, strengthened the standardization and awareness of epidemic containment among front-line staff, reinforced knowledge and skills of the staff in epidemic containment, and did a great job in epidemic containment with the strictest standards and the highest requirements.

During the training, for the airport projects in Sanya and Haikou, we not only provided training on the theoretical knowledge of epidemic containment for each employee, but also made assessment through practical operation, so as to ensure that the training was well implemented, each step was well operated, and the results were registered, ensuring that each employee fully mastered the process of “seven-step hand washing” and “wearing and taking off protective clothing”.

III. Conducting emergency drills to improve the ability to deal with emergencies in actual situations

“Practice is the only standard for passing the inspection”. We sorted out the flight support process according to the epidemic containment requirements, and formulated measures and carried out drills in time. In order to ensure that the drill could achieve the expected purpose, for the airport projects in Sanya and Haikou, we made careful preparations, organized and held preparatory meetings for many times, and did a good job in task allocation and preliminary preparations. The drill subjects include the Disposal Procedures for Detecting Passengers with Fever, the Disposal Procedures for Detecting Whether the Health QR Code is in Normal Status, the Disposal Procedures for the Situation that Passengers Fail to Take the Certificate of 2019-nCoV-PCR Test, and the Disposal Procedures for Those Rushing through the Epidemic Containment Checkpoints and Insulting Staff. Through the drill, we comprehensively summarized experience in each step and link, so that the front-line staff can master the disposal standards in the implementation process, and improve the ability to deal with emergencies in actual situations. From January to July 2021, 1,939 passengers with fever were detected, 4,182 passengers were transferred under control, 5 passengers whose health QR code is in abnormal status (yellow) and 3 passengers whose health QR code is in abnormal status (red) were found out.

IV. Strengthening staff prevention and control to ensure that no staff is infected with COVID-19

For the airport projects in Sanya and Haikou, we implemented the requirements for normalized epidemic containment, carried out safety education at regular intervals, and conveyed the new requirements for epidemic containment to every employee. Employees on duty are required to wear protective clothing and masks according to regulations, conduct replacement and disinfection within the specified time, and strictly implement the control policies of “designated staff, designated service area, designated rest area, designated ferry bus”, “specially assigned operator, specially assigned operation site, specially assigned production equipment, and specially assigned rest area” and “centralized work area, centralized residence of relevant operators”. During this period, 19 employees were isolated in the hotel on business, and 18 employees were designated to ensure the safety of flights with the risk of infection with COVID-19, lived together, took specially assigned vehicles, and had special personnel responsible for three meals a day. We set up the personal health records of employees, regularly reported personal temperature and the result of regular 2019-nCoV-PCR test every day, improved the epidemic containment record account, strictly implemented the 2019-nCoV-PCR test with the principle of “one test every three days”, organized team members to take samples on time, maintain the on-site order during sampling for the 2019-nCoV-PCR test, and fully grasped the condition about the 2019-nCoV-PCR sampling test and result of the staff.

Under the guidance and support of Hainan Provincial Government, Meilan Airport and China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. finally resumed the normal production and operation order on August 18, 2021 after 12 days of concerted efforts to combat COVID-19 and conduct efficient rectification. To this end, Haikou Meilan International Airport specially sent a letter of thanks to China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. for its support and cooperation during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Under the normalized epidemic containment, we will not slacken our efforts until it completely disappears! We will abide by the rules and regulations on epidemic containment, formulate detailed prevention and control measures, carry out prevention and control in a scientific way, implement accurate policies, and resolutely do a great job in epidemic containment. Let’s unite as one and keep safe!