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“Focusing on Practical Work and Establishing a New Style” ——The Rail Transit Safety Department organized the staff to accept training on epidemic containment and flood control

时间:2021-9-8 13:41:33    

With the coming of the rainy season in 2021, rainfall in various regions increased and flood occurred frequently. With the mutation of COVID-19, epidemic containment confronted a severe test once again. Since all projects of the Rail Transit Safety Department are all located in the central areas of major cities, staff have to work in the environment with dense population and large personnel flow. In the face of the difficulties, the person in charge of the Rail Transit Safety Department has repeatedly emphasized the management concept of “focusing on practical work and establishing a new style” in the department regular meetings, so as not to slacken our efforts in epidemic containment while ensuring the personal safety of personnel.

I. Developing a training plan

After receiving instructions from the leaders, each project adjusted the training plan of the current month on the basis of ensuring the completion of the annual training plan for safety and skill training normally carried out every month throughout the year. According to the actual situation in July and August, we actively adjusted the training plan for fire prevention, flood control and emergency treatment, conducting the training in a planned, targeted and effective manner.

II. Organizing the training

During the recurrence period of COVID-19, the Chengdu Project Department organized the staff meeting in batches by the regional squadron leader in order to avoid personnel gathering, emphasizing the responsibility in security check and standardizing and unifying the staff’s thinking. According to the gains and losses summarized in recent security work, we further emphasized the responsibility for security work. We summarized the recent work, summed up the typical service problems in the region, and improved the service quality through analysis and learning. We summarized the problems about the handling of various incidents during work, prevented the recurrence of such problems and solved the problems existing in each station. During the outbreak of COVID-19, we did a good job in disinfection, prevention and control, took body temperature and inspected health QR code, and made timely report and cooperated to handle it once there is any person with fever or abnormal health QR code. We got to know the change of employees’ ideas, their recent life and work status, ensuring the stability of their thoughts and emotions; We guided employees to establish correct working principles, rigorous working mode and optimistic attitude towards life.

For new employees in Wuhan Project, while doing a good job in pre-employment training, and training on common sense and precautions of safe use of electricity in base dormitories, we put emphasis on the training on flood control measures and emergency plans, making the new employees know the procedures for the scope of responsibility, key parts in flood control, the supervision and inspection system and flood control disposal, and know how to use materials for flood control.

The Urumqi Project fully cooperated with epidemic containment requirements proposed by the superior, and established a WeChat group to carry out the daily reporting system. The team leader of each station publicized epidemic containment to the team members at the pre-shift meeting, checked the use of protective equipment, and kept records of disinfection of the base and project sites for future reference. In view of the psychological distress caused by closed management to employees, we did a good job in emotional counseling in time. Meanwhile, on the day of Eid al Fitr, the team members of ethnic minorities had a day off, and we prepared rich food to celebrate with the team members together.

III. Participating in the drill

At Changping Line of Beijing Project, the main management staff were organized to conduct a special fire drill made up of one policeman and six personnel with different functions at the fire station. After carefully listening to the explanation of the firefighters, the team members participated in the on-site drill in batches in terms of the use of fire extinguishers and water spray guns. Through listening to explanations and personal operation, the team members strengthened their own fire prevention awareness, became familiar with the location and use of fire prevention equipment and facilities, and improved employees’ fire prevention awareness and ability to use fire-fighting equipment.

At Line 3 of Tianjin Project, an emergency flood control command and leading group headed by the project leader was established to organize plans for key stations and facilities of the project and carry out field drills. The Security Inspection Project Department of Tianjin Metro actively cooperated with the large-scale flood control emergency rescue drill organized by the metro company.

The purpose of organizing all team members to participate in the training in batches is to enhance the sense of responsibility of employees, effectively improve the responsibilities of management cadres at all levels, and make each person implement the safety responsibility. In addition, it aims to consolidate the foundation of employees’ business skills and improve employees’ business skills, so as to complete various safety inspection in a better way.