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VIP Protection Department

I. Business Scope

The VIP Protection Service Department of CSP is a professional security service team that consists of members selected from demobilized personnel from the special forces of the army, Central Guard Bureau and SWAT as well as excellent graduates from martial arts colleges. They engage in high-end security services like special guards and personal bodyguards.

Targeting the domestic and international high-end security markets and learning from private bodyguards, as well as foreign-related security service management and operation mode of developed countries, the Special Services Department provides customers with high-end security solutions and special escort services according to international standards and with its unique characteristics.

II. About the Service

To respond to customers’ requirements at any time, the VIP Protection Service Department provides the following services:   

●  VIP protection program planning

●  24-hour close protection for politicians, celebrities and other elite clientele

●  Protection of high-end business events and exhibitions

●  Protection and transportation of confidential documents and valuables

●  Protection of residences or designated sites