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Cash-in-transit Department

I. Business Scope

In accordance with the tenet and service commitment of “providing safe, convenient and efficient escort and transportation services”, the Cash-in-transit Department of CSP strictly complies with the relevant state laws, regulations and industry standards for planning and operation, and has laid a solid support basis for market research and analysis, formation and organization, fund safeguarding, insurance measures, management system, team development, field construction, escort and technical equipment, guarding, material and technical protection.                

Our escort team, with professional management personnel in the escort and transportation field as backbones, recruits the best from security service companies, as well as excellent military veterans. All the candidates were appointed after background check and approval by the Bureau of Public Security, through strict training so as to form an armed escort team with professional and rigorous working style and to ensure successful escort and safeguarding work. In regard to management, our company adopts advanced and applicable cash-in-transit and transportation technology as well as scientific management methods to improve the level of management and quality of service as a return to the community. So far, we are providing cash-in-transit business services to cities such as Jinchang, Handan and Baoding, with 3,500 escort officers, 700 armored vehicles and 1,500 baton guns.                                                 


II. About the Service

The Cash-in-transit Department aims at improving the safety while reducing the cost for banks, financial institutions, post savings institutions, supermarkets, chain restaurants hotels etc. Thanks to years of efforts, we have provided service for 3,500 business outlets of major banks and commercial outlets of other enterprises and public institutions. CSP provides over 500 escort routes, and the number is still increasing.

We provide the following Cash-in transit services to meet the requirements of customers:       

●  Comprehensive cash security services covering cash vault building and guarding, cash in transit and cash management;

●  Professional training, testing and management of escort personnel;

●  Safekeeping and escort of valuables and securities.