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Information Security

. Department Introduction

The Department of Science and Technology of China Security & Protection Co., Ltd. specializes in the innovation and application of internet 2.0 technology. Depending on the experience in information security service and the accumulation of tools for many years, the team has obtained multiple proprietary intellectual property rights and best practices in the field of high technology and information security, and made independent development of multiple cloud service platforms and intelligent hardware products with “mobile security management system software of Optimus Guard” as representative.

. Product Introduction and Solution

Introduction to main products

1.   The mobile security management system of Optimus Guard is a set of software which focuses on enterprise mobile terminal security management platform, solve various challenges of security, management, deployment and etc. in the process that enterprises expand business to mobile office, help enterprises strengthen management, control and security protection of mobile devices at the same time when enterprises enjoy reduced cost and improved efficiency brought by mobile office.

2.   Qptimus assistant is the intelligent hardware equipment in Optimus Guard product series which integrates the functions such as data backup and restoration, information collection, mobile battery charging and etc. specially focusing on mobile devices of Android system such as mobile phone, tablet PC and etc. for the purpose of facilitating data transmission among mobile devices and improving working efficiency.

3.   Qptimus cloud note is a kind of note tool which is positioned to offer service for enterprises and similar to the internet “Youdao Cloud Note” based on cloud technology. It supports PC and mobile terminal, and provides overall scheme in the mode of private cloud. It can realize cross-platform and cross-device reading, editing and synchronizing information through an enterprise employee ID. It is also available to provide infinite storage space for enterprises through private cloud, which is safer and more stable. Customized development can be made according to individualized demands of different clients.

4.   Instant messaging is a private cloud instant messaging platform based on government and enterprise address book system, an internet communication tool facing mobile terminal users. Users can make two-user or multi-user real-time communication through the installation of instant messaging terminal. Communication contents include text, interface, voice, video and mutual file transmission and etc. Meanwhile, communication efficiency can be improved in combination with mail, short message, mobile number, office fixed-line telephone and etc. It supports batch import of colleague information, and generates organization list according to different departments automatically. Based on the organization list, enterprise members can start group chat, topic, sharing and etc. of all the members in certain department with just one key, thus office efficiency is obviously improved.

Provide professional mobile security management solution

The success of new technologies and new business modes of mobile internet in the application of consumer market are of great reference for traditional industries in business and commercial innovation. However, security and development is still the balanced key point in traditional industries. We provide professional mobile security solution for traditional industries.

Provide mobile informatization solution (Private cloud service)

We apply mobile internet technology to the informatization management and business procedures of traditional industries, offer assistance for traditional industries to realize transformation and business innovation in trans-boundary competition aroused by mobile internet and new business environment.